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Spa & Wellness

Spa care has gone along with Carlsbad since the Middle Ages when the hot springs were discovered by the Holy Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV, as the legend has is. Spa care, headed by the unique drinking cure, has been provided to the patients for the last 200 years in its modern form. All kinds of wellness treatments are being added to the curative treatments.

Spa care in Carlsbad

Spa treatment is prescribed by the spa doctor on the basis of the entry examination and it usually takes at least 3 weeks. During that time the patient takes the treatments prescribed and drinks the prescribed amounts of the springs of specific composition.

Spa treatment is provided to the patients in specialized facilities and spa hotels in many locations in Carlsbad. You can also use the out-patient form of treatment. If you want to save a lot of money for staying in the often-expensive hotels you can stay in Penzion 33 and we will advise you where and how you can make arrangements for out-patient spa treatment.

Spa & Wellness

Wellness in Carlsbad

Wellness services, both in the form of packages or individual treatments can be provided by almost every hotel or parlour, unlike the spa treatments. You will find a number of them in Carlsbad. We will be happy to advise you where you can order quality massage, wraps, skin treatment, special baths or other wellness treatments.

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