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Monuments and points of interest in Carlsbad

Carlsbad is famous not only for its unique  spa care, but also for its unique collection of spa buildings. The main spa promenade is bordered by beautiful colonnades, spa houses, hotels and other famous buildings justly deserving our admiration. Exhibitions and tours are a favourite tourist goal as well as popular sports areas.

Carlsbad colonnades

The spa colonnades are one of the most admired monuments in Carlsbad, and deservedly so. They have been providing protection from the sun, rain and snow to the spa guests since the beginnings of spa care. You will find all the beneficial mineral springs necessary for your treatment under their roofs. There are five colonnades in Carlsbad and each is unique in some way.

Mlýnská (Mill) Colonnade

Sadová (Park) Colonnade (1880)

The Park Colonnade was designed in the workshop of the Vienna architects Fellner and Helmer and it is but a leftover of the original Blanka Pavilion. Unlike the pavilion, this cast-iron colonnade has been preserved until today. It covers 3 springs:

Mlýnská (Mill) Colonnade (1871–1881)

The stone Mlýnská (Mill) Colonnade is a masterpiece of the important Czech architect Josef Zítek. Its roof, decorated with statues, is supported by 124 Corinthian columns, with the spring fountains – vases – located between them. There are also an orchestra niche and a number of allegorical sculptures hidden there.

Tržní (Market) Colonnade (1883)

When the architects Fellner and Helmer designed a wooden Market Colonnade in Swiss style in 1883 they believed it was going to be only a temporary structure. Since the building was still serving its purpose a hundred years later it was decided to keep it and carry out a reconstruction.

Tržní (Market) Colonnade

Zámecká (Chateau) Colonnade (1911–1913)

This Art Nouveau stone building consists of 2 colonnades in fact: the Horní (Upper) Spring and the Dolní (Lower) Spring colonnades. Only the upper part is accessible to the public though. The Lower Spring colonnade is available only to the Zámecké (Chateau) Spa clients.

Vřídelní (Hot Spring) Colonnade (1969–1975)

The contemporary Hot Spring Colonnade was built in the Functionalist style and it covers the most impressive Carlsbad spring – the Hot Spring (Vřídlo). There is more to be admired about the Hot Spring besides its curative power. It spurts up to 12 metres and gushes up over 2,000 litres of water and 5,000 litres of CO2 every minute. Its temperature is remarkable as well, reaching up to 73°C. You can also go on an interesting tour under the floor of the Hot Spring Colonnade which will acquaint you with the qualities of the Hot Spring and its water.

Vřídelní (Hot Spring) Colonnade

Important spa houses and hotels

The largest development of spa care took place in Carlsbad in the 19th and early 20th century. Most of the extant spa houses and hotels come from this period as well. The Neo-Baroque Spa V also known as Elizabeth (Alžbětiny) spa (1906) stands at the very beginning of the spa zone. When you continue along the promenade you will come across Spa (Lázně) III (1867) and the Military Spa (Vojenský lázeňský ústav) (1855) beyond the Sadová (Park) Colonnade. When you reach the Mill Colonnade one of the town landmarks will appear above its roof – hotel Imperial (1912). When you continue along the bank of the Teplá River you will reach Grandhotel Pupp (1781) and later the Imperial (Císařské) Spa (1895). The last two buildings mentioned were made famous also by one of the James Bond movies – Casino Royale.

Spring Václav I.

Lookout towers

Carlsbad is surrounded by spacious spa forests serving the visitors as a pleasant place for walks. Thanks to more than 130 km of well-tended trails of different difficulty they are accessible literally to everybody and they are often recommended by the spa doctors as a “terrain treatment”. There are uncountable gazebos, chalets, rest places as well as several lookout towers and lookouts.

Lookout tower Diana

Church monuments

Carlsbad has always been visited by people of different religions from the whole world. This is also reflected in the church buildings you find here. They were built to provide for the health of not only the body but the spirit of the guests as well.

More points of interest in Carlsbad and its vicinity.

Catholic St. Mary Magdalene church